Hockey Equipment

All protective gear + skates
Players must wear mouth guards
Old Stick for dryland shooting and training

Bedding and Towels

Pillow, sheets, blankets for a twin bed or sleeping bag.
Pack enough towels for the week

Toiletries & Personal Items

Bathroom facilities are not located in the dorm rooms.
Campers should have a robe or cover up to walk to& from showers

Alarm Clock

Optional but highly recommended

Swimsuit, Beach Towel, Sunscreen & Bug Spray

Tennis Shoes

Shoes must tie for all off ice classes

Water/Sports Bottles

Casual Clothes

PJ’s for Craziest PJ Contest

Spending Money

Additional money for shopping and treats is recommended. Strongly suggested to send
PRE PAID VISA Card with your camper

Dorm is air conditioned; there are plug-ins for blow dryers and curling irons.